Gortani e la sostenibilità
A Friulian
made in Italy

Corporate sustainability

A conscious company model

In 2023, the company inaugurated its second photovoltaic system, reaching a capacity of 650,000 kWh, which translates into energy self-sufficiency of 100% in the summer months and up to 80% in the winter months. Gortani processes are concentrated in the daytime and evening hours to allow the almost exclusive use of self-produced renewable energy, while to optimize consumption, the lighting of systems and offices is entrusted to self-regulating LED systems.

Within the year, a new and ambitious goal: to totally eliminate paper, in favor of digital and even more effective management of information flows.

Renewable and certified raw materials

For the production of its autoclaves, Gortani selects only top quality stainless steel, certified by the best suppliers and examined by company technicians upon receipt. A one hundred percent renewable raw material, which Gortani chooses to purchase within the European borders, helping to reduce consumption for transport.

In the production phase, the steel tanks are processed with techniques that reduce waste and emissions; once their function has ended, these can be collected from the customer and sent for recovery, thus offering a percentage saving on the purchase of new models and the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of the wine sector.

Sustainability for customers

Low consumption refrigeration

Optimizing the energy performance of cellars is a central aspect of Gortani’s planning which has developed “intelligent” tanks, capable of saving significant amounts of energy through innovative insulation and coating systems.

All the autoclaves are in fact equipped with cooling pockets which cover at least 80% of the plating and which, thanks to a stainless steel cavity with inlets and distribution manifolds, improve the circulation of the glycol. These are combined with an insulation system in high-density polyurethane foam, designed to optimize insulation and limit heat loss during cooling operations, one of the most impactful within the winemaking process.

Advanced and tailor-made systems finally allowing constant and automated control of the processing parameters (including temperature, times and pressures), for increasingly efficient, sustainable and safe processes for the workers.

serbatoi totalmente isolati per abbattere la  temperatura
Fondi di serbatoi per il vino

Waste-proof finishes

The bottoms and ferrules of Gortani autoclaves are subjected to a long and accurate polishing process with the use of abrasive paper and diamond paste which allows to obtain a surface roughness value even lower than 0.05 µm.

A polishing with a refined “mirror” finish, designed to minimize the deposit of residual substances and thus facilitate the washing operations of the autoclaves, with consequent benefits in terms of reduction of water resources, solvents and detergents; therefore also costs and emissions.

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Gortani e la sostenibilità

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