Gortani: the promise of value

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Winemaking is a long and diversified process. Gortani has learned to understand the delicate nature and importance of each phase.

As a reference partner for winemakers, Gortani has always been aware of the importance of punctuality and has made it both a promise and a commitment, diligently respecting delivery times.

This commitment involves every one of the company’s activities, from planning-backed by a specialised technical team-to the timely organization of manufacturing processes and transportation using its own fleet of trucks, to final installation by highly specialized personnel.

This perfect synergy between production and logistics is Gortani’s strength, ensuring it is always able to meet its customers’ demands, and standing out for its diligence and punctuality.

Gortani storage tanks represent the optimal solution for storing high quality musts and wines. In addition to the materials selected for compliance and suitability for contact with food, the product pluses also include versatility and ease of use.

The Gortani vinification and truncated cone tanks stand out for their versatility of use in case of storage and vinification. The Enomatic® winemaking machine is made with the aim of automating the main operations during the harvest.

The range of Gortani autoclaves includes over one hundred standard models and the possibility of requesting the design of customized autoclaves, designed and engineered for sparkling wine, beer production, the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Gortani and its autoclaves look to the future. Carefully controlled production, traceability of all procedures, automated systems, sustainable management and Gortani’s great experience in the wine sector guarantee a result of great quality and safety. Federica Gortani tells us in […]


Energy self-sufficiency

Gortani tripled the photovoltaic system on the roof of the tank and autoclave factory.The new panels will come into operation in the autumn and the intention is to achieve energy self-sufficiency at 100% in the summer months and 70-80% in […]


Tenimenti Civa reference

Our cutting-edge technologies and our design skills, combined with our specialization in steel processing, have allowed us to respond to the challenge of Tenimenti Civa, delivering over 250 autoclaves for sparkling wine and tanks in just 4 months. The new […]

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