Gortani, the promise of value​

Gortani is the reference brand for the design and supply of machines and systems for oenology. From storage tanks to turnkey cellars, it is a reliable and attentive partner to fully satisfy customer needs.

In addition to the specialization in the production of autoclaves, tanks and winemakers, it has also gained extensive experience in the viticulture sector.
The entrepreneur and founder Gian Paolo Gortani can count every day on over 200 employees – trained and competent – and on his children Federica, Elisabetta and Mattia, to produce – and export all over the world – 100% made in Italy quality products.

Famiglia Gortani - Un team per l'enologia per le cantine vitivinicole
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The value of punctuality

Time is a precious resource for every company. In the cellar it is essential.
Winemaking is a long and diverse process. Gortani has learned to understand the delicacy and importance of each phase that composes it.

As a reference partner for wineries, Gortani has always known the value of punctuality and has made it a promise and a commitment, meticulously respecting the established delivery times.
This commitment involves all the company’s activities, from work planning – supported by a specialized technical team – to the timely organization of production processes and transport activities with owned vehicles, up to the final installation carried out by highly specialized personnel.

The perfect synergy between the production and logistics departments is the strong point thanks to which Gortani has always been able to satisfy the requests of its customers, constantly distinguishing itself for diligence and punctuality.

A wide range of solutions
tailored to your needs

Serbatoi da stoccaggio

Gortani storage tanks represent the optimal solution for storing high quality musts and wines. In addition to the materials selected for compliance and suitability for contact with food, the product pluses also include versatility and ease of use.

Autoclavi per la spumantizzazione
Autoclavi per la spumantizzazione

The range of Gortani autoclaves includes over one hundred standard models and the possibility of requesting the design of customized autoclaves, designed and engineered for sparkling wine, beer production, the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Gortani vinification and truncated cone tanks stand out for their versatility of use in case of storage and vinification.
The Enomatic® winemaking machine is made with the aim of automating the main operations during the harvest.

Gortani e la sostenibilità

For Gortani, being sustainable means making farsighted choices and implementing them in production strategies, aimed at increasingly reducing the impact of the activity on the environment and at creating an adequate working environment.
A large part of the plant’s energy needs is derived from renewable sources. The final products are the result of a design aimed at identifying innovative solutions, which contribute to reducing the environmental impact also in the cellar.

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