Gortani specialista per l'equipaggiamento della cantine vinicole
in the development

Research and Innovation

Gortani has always focused on innovation with important and continuous investments, destined for the research of new materials, the introduction of new technologies and the optimization of production processes.

Innovative steels, latest generation hi-tech welding machines, robotic manipulators, new machinery, “Industry 4.0” systems and the use of advanced management software allow for careful planning of production, to offer customers the best product within the agreed times and to always be one step ahead of the competitors.

Innovation passes through people, which is why Gortani invests in training and updating the skills of its collaborators, the real engine of a company that places itself at the center of a virtuous spiral of progress.

Here innovation is pursued which, by creatively modifying one or more dimensions of the company system, satisfies the needs of customers and thinks globally about improving all areas

Gortani - Macchine per la costruzione di autoclavi
Gortani - Macchine per la costruzione di vinificatori

Gortani ha sempre puntato sull’innovazione con importanti e continui investimenti, destinati alla ricerca di nuovi materiali, all’introduzione di nuove tecnologie e all’ottimizzazione dei processi produttivi.

Acciai innovativi, saldatrici hi-tech di ultima generazione, manipolatori robotizzati, nuovi macchinari, impianti “Industria 4.0” e utilizzo di software di gestione avanzati permettono di ottenere un’attenta pianificazione della produzione, di offrire ai propri clienti il miglior prodotto nei tempi pattuiti e di essere sempre un passo avanti rispetto ai competitors.

Gortani - Macchine per la costruzione di autoclavi

L’innovazione passa attraverso le persone, per questo Gortani investe in formazione e aggiornamento delle competenze dei propri collaboratori, vero motore di un’azienda che si pone al centro di una virtuosa spirale di progresso.

Qui si persegue quell’innovazione che, modificando in modo creativo una o più dimensioni del sistema aziendale, soddisfa le esigenze dei clienti e pensa globalmente a migliorare tutte le aree

Gortani - Macchine per la costruzione di vinificatori
Gortani partner per le cantine vinicole

An expanding market.
The company in numbers

Gortani has constantly increased production capacity to meet the growing demand for quality tanks, fermenters and autoclaves.
The company has now established itself as a national leader with a market share of over 25%. More than 2000 offers are processed every year, with more than 500 confirmations for as many customers.
The quality of the collaborators is Gortani’s competitive advantage. To date, around 200 people are an integral and active part of the company’s success.

This dynamic of factors has made it possible to achieve an annual product turnover that goes well beyond 30 million, with customers distributed on a world market. Gortani products are present, as well as in Italy, in France, Spain, Austria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Australia, Japan, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, the USA and Canada.
The growth path is supported by a multi-year investment plan, largely intended for innovation.


thousand hl/year
Storage capacity


training hours
per year of which 2200 dedicated
to the culture of innovation
and sustainability

Gortani e la sostenibilità


million/€ value
of the production


ton./year of
processed steel


employed workers


autoclaves produced
per year

Autoclavi per la spumantizzazione

In a workmanlike manner

Gortani products are recognizable and recognized for their quality, the result of years of experience in the processing of stainless steel. The consolidated know-how of the staff and the use of technologically advanced machines allow for perfect calendering of the ferrules and welding to perfection
of art.

These processes return an excellent aesthetic result, which also combines perfectly with the design of the most modern cellars, and contribute to making Gortani tanks, fermenters and autoclaves long-lasting products of excellent quality.
These features are a clear example of the commitment to finding the best solutions for customers.

Gortani - Macchine per la costruzione di vinificatori

Quality of workmanship and technologies

Gortani is synonymous with reliability in products, deliveries and pre- and post-sales service. The production processes are highly automated, the artisan activity becomes an industrial reality that offers very high quality workmanship, with constant checks along the entire production line.
A careful choice of materials, the quality of its suppliers, the continuous search for perfection are at home in Gortani. The traceability of materials, components and processes is also total, an essential element and functional to the rigorous rules dictated by the food sector and by the legislation concerning the manufacture of pressure vessels.

Gortani - Macchine per la costruzione di autoclavi
Gortani in Carnia
Gortani - Macchine per la costruzione di autoclavi