The value of punctuality

The perfect synergy between the production and logistics departments is the strong point thanks to which Gortani has always been able to satisfy the requests of its customers, constantly distinguishing itself for diligence and punctuality.

The commitment involves all the company’s activities, from work planning – supported by a specialized technical team – to the punctual organization of production processes and transport activities with owned vehicles, up to the final installation carried out by highly specialized personnel.

Turnkey solutions

The company offers its customers the transport, positioning and installation of its products with the utmost care, ensuring their integrity.

The team also guarantees technical consultancy, the study, development and organization of the processing lines with tailor-made solutions, which take into account the location of the cellar, the oenological plants, the building and the specific production objectives.

All this through the use of our own vehicles and with the help of highly specialized personnel, in order to guarantee certain delivery times and state-of-the-art installation.

Certifications and safety

A careful and refined raw material purchasing policy allows us to work exclusively with first choice stainless steel, certified by the best European producers and examined by Gortani technicians upon receipt of the goods.

Quality and safety are guaranteed by carefully controlled production in all processing stages and by company traceability procedures applied to each component.

Further proof of the reliability of the final product is represented by the wide range of certifications that accompany all the company’s winemakers, autoclaves and storage tanks.

State of the art

The production processes are highly automated, the artisan activity becomes an industrial reality that offers very high quality workmanship, with constant checks along the entire production line.

A careful choice of materials, the quality of its suppliers, the continuous search for perfection are at home in Gortani. The traceability of materials, components and processes is also total, an essential element and functional to the strict rules dictated by the food sector and by the legislation concerning the manufacture of pressure vessels.

After sales assistance

The supervision of the design, production, transport and installation phases is completed with an overview of the functioning of the products and with after-sales assistance.

This service includes technical support capable of understanding and solving specific customer requests.