Pressure tanks,
storage tanks
and winemaking machines
for oenology

Gortani designs and supplies machines and systems for oenology.

Gortani has developed advanced solutions to facilitate manufacturing and enhance the value of the finished product, offering functional tanks for must storage and fermentation. Research, sustainability and innovation guide Gortani in designing advanced, reliable and durable technologies. To ensure that the results always live up to expectations, Gortani designs and builds specific automated systems for the most important winemaking processes. The company’s manufacturing flexibility is reflected in its products that are tailored in terms of size, characteristics, performance and capacity, ranging from 5 hl to over 3,000 hl.
Serbatoi di stoccaggio per vini

Storage tanks


Winemaking machines

Autoclavi per la spumantizzazione

Pressure tanks

Walkways and stairs systems