Gortani HIT, Human Integrated Technologies

Gortani HIT – Human Integrated Technologies – solutions are the answer to the request for digitization of storage, sparkling wine and oenology activities.

By monitoring all phases of the winemaking process, Gortani has the design and construction skills to create the interconnection between man and machine in cellars of any size. This in turn involves remote control of the tanks and their contents, with the possibility of timely interventions if necessary.

An approach that simplifies and enhances the winemaker’s choices, and which involves the fundamental operation of data collection.

Follatura Soft System®​

Consulting and planning

From design consultancy to installation in the cellar, the Gortani team proposes the most efficient solutions in terms of safety, resistance and sustainability, always in full respect of the uniqueness of each project, the specific objectives of the client and the context in which it operates .

Gortani’s knowledge and experience in the field of viticulture technologies allows to design cellars that exploit the available space and provide a perfect environment for the conservation and maturation of fine wines.

The company takes care of the planning, the drafting of the technical reports and the operations necessary to issue the certifications to adapt the cellar to the regulations in force.