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Soft System®


Soft System® combines the excellent performance, already offered by Gortani winemakers, with the possibility of recreating and managing the ancient operation of punching down in a technologically advanced way. The system with one or two stainless steel screws – simple and effective – guarantees the slow and delicate movement of lowering of the pomace, to immerse them in the fermenting must, breaking the cap collected on the surface. All this takes place at minimum noise levels and without encumbrance, thus also functioning as a storage tank.

The command and automatic control panel installed on the winemaker allows you to extract the characteristic colors and aromas according to the type of product you want to obtain, with the advantage of simple parameter setting and constant temperature control through an intuitive interface touch screen.

Soft System® fulling

Gortani’s Soft System® is the perfect synthesis of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia’s great wine tradition and Gortani’s know-how acquired through decades of experience in the sector. Our patented autonomous winemaking and plunging system brings together the company’s knowledge, creativity, and technical and innovative skills.

Soft System® combines the exceptional performance already offered by Gortani winemaking machines while recreating and managing the ancient process of plunging using technologically advanced processes.

Its simple, yet effective, one- or two-auger stainless steel system slowly and delicately moves the grape marc downward, immersing it in the fermenting must and breaking up the cap that has risen to the surface. This process distributes yeasts (essential for homogeneous fermentation), exchanges fluids (to prevent the development of acetic acid) and improves must-marc contact (for better tannin and anthocyanin extraction).

The Soft System® auger’s long reach travel guarantees full functionality even at just 30% capacity.
The system is quiet and saves space, so it can also be used as a storage tank.
The automatic control panel installed on the winemaking machine ensures the extraction of characteristic colours and flavours based on the type of product to be obtained, with the added advantage of simple parameter settings and constant temperature control via an intuitive touch screen interface.