Gortani HIT, HumanIntegrated Technologies

At Gortani, we aim to seize the opportunities and principles of Industry 4.0, offering concrete solutions that meet growing demand for digitization in winemaking and storage activities, and supporting companies as they transition to the Gortani HIT winery.

Today, thanks to advanced sensing and interconnected machines, we can now monitor the state of the product in the tanks remotely, managing temperatures, levels and pressures during both storage and fermentation.

In this way, technology backs tradition, to allow wineries of any size to more reliably and safely monitor their work processes and production phases.

This ability to monitor the state of the wine in real time, to intervene at just the right moment, to collect data and share it with different production areas and compare it over time to preserve quality, simplifies the winemaker’s work while expanding their choices.

Gortani aims to select the best technologies offering the highest degree of automation, to progressively reduce all manual work with low added value, and to enhance wine as a product expressing a history, identity and culture. And, using these new technologies, Gortani takes wine into the future.
Gortani complements our product and service offering with turnkey solutions.

Gortani offers product shipping, positioning and installation with the utmost care, protecting their integrity.

Our teams also provide technical advice, design, development and organization of processing lines with tailor-made solutions that take into consideration the location of the winery, its winemaking systems, its building and its specific production objectives.

We do all of this using our own vehicles and with the help of our highly specialized staff, to guarantee delivery times and expert installation


Consulting and design

A winery is more than just a production site: it is a symbol of prestige, where tradition, innovation and excellence create an all-encompassing and multi-sensory experience.

Gortani has taken up the challenge of producing tanks, winemaking machines and pressure tanks that, in addition to their exceptional performance, boast high aesthetic standards, with fine finishes that give our products a flawless appearance.

Gortani offers technical advice, design and development based on the winery’s location, winemaking systems, building and production objectives. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry paired with our creativity ensure we can propose state-of-theart and technologically advanced solutions. Our engineers and technicians work with companies, design offices and wineries to provide an individual and specialized service, for both production start-up and expansion.

And, thanks to our decades-long experience, you can be certain Gortani will also address all safety aspects. For each project, we carefully examine the characteristics of the region in which the winery is located, and we develop the project in 3D, complying with construction technical standards.

To guarantee product safety even in the event of static and dynamic stresses such as earthquake, wind or snow, we perform careful structural checks using appropriate simulations. Gortani’s engineers perform resistance calculations and digital simulations based on the most recent Italian (NTC2018) and European (Eurocode) calculation requirements.
Customer satisfaction is our main goal. After designing, manufacturing, shipping and installing your equipment, we provide instruction on its operation and after-sales support.

This service is an integral part of the Gortani customer experience and it includes technical support that understands and resolves our customers’ specific requests.

After-sales support