Heating vessels

The heating vessels are equipped with an internal sensor for temperature control of the circulating glycol, a circulator with safety thermostat, electrical heating elements and liquid sensor. Processing, pressure, temperature and time parameters can be controlled via centralized electric panels with PLC and specific software.

Cooling pockets and insulation

All Gortani pressure tanks have cooling pockets in which glycol circulates, and a layer of high-density polyurethane foam applied to rigid plates or injected into the space between the vessel and the outer shell, to reduce heat dissipation and allow significant energy savings. The cooling pockets cover at least 80% of the shell and are tested at a pressure of over 16.0 bars to guarantee a working pressure of up to 2.5 bars and a guaranteed minimum flow rate of 120 l/min. The pockets are staggered and consist of a stainless-steel cavity with outlets and distribution manifolds, sized for maximum energy efficiency.


Gortani feeders are tested and certified under the European PED Directive. They are constructed of stainless steel and support pressures greater than those typically used in sparkling wine making to prepare, dose and inject additives in the pressure tank. They are available in different sizes and are all equipped with a PED safety valve, pressure gauge and pressure loading/release valve.


Gortani offers a selection of sidemounted agitators with high-efficiency three-blade impellers to optimize the movement of liquids and the injection of additives. All agitators have mechanical seals that are lubricated by the liquid itself. The fast version has six or eight pole motors, while the slow version has a worm gearbox. Our agitators’ solidity, ease of maintenance and efficiency ensure they meet the high-quality standards that Gortani offers its customers

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