Double and triple
superposed tanks

Gortani superposed tanks are our best answer to our customers’ need for order and functionality in the winery. These tanks allow best use of processing spaces while also focussing on aesthetics, saving space and offering the possibility to store a variety of products.

Internal finish: polished BA from steel mill
External finish: flourished


n° 1 central manhole cover
n° 1 decentralized and oblique/curved manhole cover (see figure to the side)
n° 1 partial drain with stainless steel valve
n° 1 total drain with stainless steel valve
n° 1 sampling tap
Support feet
Calibration table for both tanks


Possibility of saturation in inert gas CO2 – Nitrogen
Cooler pockets
Valves various attacks
Visual layers
Adjustable support feet
Other accessories in the catalogue

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