A Friulian
made in Italy

Innovation and research to be leaders in the sector.

Gortani is the reference brand for the design and supply of machines and systems for oenology.

Having chosen to specialize in the production of autoclaves, tanks and winemakers, he has gained extensive and specific experience in the viticulture sector.

The passion for work and the aptitude for finding innovative solutions have led Gortani towards an evolution consistent with the international context in which it operates.

Today he counts on a plant capable of producing in an efficient, controlled, automated way and of managing large orders.

Furthermore, it relies on over 200 trained and competent people, led by the founder entrepreneur Gian Paolo Gortani and his daughters Federica and Elisabetta.

Thanks to the quality of products and services, with particular attention to after-sales assistance, Gortani exports its made in Italy products all over the world.

Operations focused on customer satisfaction.

Our experience and professionalism at your service.

• Consulting
• Design
• Implementation
• Transport
• Installation
• Testing
• Assistance


Family is the heart of our business, and our land is our foundation.

A leader in winemaking technologies for more than 30 years, Gortani is the international reference for the production of tanks used to store liquids.

“Our story began with our grandfather, Gian Pietro. He launched this tradition in the 1960s. His strong work ethic and tenacity showed him to be a true Carnic. Dissatisfied with wooden casks to produce Sliwovitz, the plum distillate that was once produced in abundance in Carnia, and especially in Cabia (a hamlet of Arta Terme), he was looking for a steel tank to use as a model so that he could start manufacturing them himself. With the assistance of artisans and the raw material he was able to purchase at low cost, he built his first steel tank that he installed in his Gortani distillery in Arta Terme.”

It was then that Gortani products began appearing in wineries.

Constant growth

With Gian Paolo Gortani at the helm, the company has
continued to grow thanks to the commitment, progress and
values that have characterized its history.

The Amaro site has undergone two significant expansions
(covering an area of 60,000 m2) aiming to optimize its
production layout, introduce new equipment and production
lines, and improve plant efficiency, logistics and safety.

Today, the company has established itself as a global market
leader, and the Gortani brand can be found in wineries on five

Always a step ahead.
A story of innovation

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